Real Estate Media in Vancouver: Less of a Cost, More of a Career Boost for agents.

Your listing photos before working with Threshold Studios

Ever find the sun not quite shining right for your real estate listing? No fret! We wave our editing magic wand on each picture, transforming ‘meh’ lighting into ‘marvelous.’

Real estate photography before vancouver Real estate photography HDR after vancouver
After hiring us for your real estate photos

Whether it’s a rainy day gloom or a too harsh noon-day glare, we’ve got you covered. Just sit back and get ready for top-tier, sunlight-kissed photos delivered straight to your inbox. Perfection, every time!

Kind Words by Top Agents

Engaging Content for Agents that Value Creativity

Your listing video pulls double duty – it not only showcases your properties in style, but also puts a spotlight on your skills as a real estate pro. It’s a buyer magnet and a wink to sellers in search of a rock-solid agent. Two goals, one video? Now that’s a smart move!

Real Estate Event

Hired by Sal Toosi and the Connect real estate team, we created a short and engaging video to help promote a local real estate event here in Metro Vancouver.

Real Estate Property Tour

At Threshold Studios, we strive to create engaging real estate content. Producing a real estate property tour is easy, but making it in a way that attracts thousands of views is where it gets interesting.

Real Estate Branding/Lifestyle Video

We joined forces with Vancouver Realtor, Mehrdad Haghjoo, for Anthem Properties’ social media contest. Facing stiff competition from top agents across Metro Vancouver, it was a real race. But hey, our video did the trick and won the developer’s nod! The cherry on top? Our client got to co-list a shiny new townhouse in North Vancouver’s Eastwoods project. Quite the win, right?

Real Estate Content Pricing

Real Estate Photos

We’re all about creating razor-sharp images for your listings. In today’s bustling market, pixel-perfect photos are the key.

Starts from $175 for a 1 bedroom property


  • Twilight photos
  • 2D Floor plan
  • 3D Virtual Tour
  • Virtual staging
  • Photoshopping unwanted objects/distractions
  • Drone photos

Real Estate Video Tour

Video tours? They’re like virtual open houses letting buyers envision their new life in your listing. And with an agent intro/outro add-on, it’s your golden ticket to impress more sellers.

Starts from $350 for a 1 bedroom property


  • Agent intro + outro
  • Voiceover
  • Custom motion graphics
  • Logo animation
  • Drone clips
  • Vertical edit for Instagram and TikTok

Photo + Video Bundle

Get both services at a discounted rate by booking both for the same day.

10% off!

turnaround time:

Up to 24 hrs for photos and 3-4 days for video content.

Saman Shariati Wedding Videographer/Photographer
Meet Sam, your new content creator/social media resource for your real estate business

Content Creation is our forte

Hi 👋🏼

Let’s put a face to the name! I have been working as a real estate photographer and videographer for the past 5 years. There are a ton of solid real estate photographers in Vancouver, but if you decide to work with our studio you can be sure that you are working with a team of real estate photographers, videographers, and video editors that loves what they do. For that reason, we are always researching and educating ourselves to improve our skills and equipment to be better partners for your real estate business here in Metro Vancouver.

We shoot with 6k photo and video cameras to ensure that our clients receive a high-quality product, which is a necessity if you are looking to grow your social media channels as a real estate consultant in Metro Vancouver. If you have any questions, we are just one text message or phone call away.

Add-on Real Estate Services

Virtual Staging / Before

Is your property looking a little underdressed or has it fallen victim to the 80s shag carpet? No worries! Virtual staging is here to give your spaces a chic makeover without breaking the bank.

Virtual Staging Services in Vancouver - Before Virtual Staging Services in Vancouver - After
Virtual Staging / After

It’s like the secret sauce that transforms your “just browsing” audience into “must buy” enthusiasts! Now, who doesn’t love more attention and quicker sales? 😉

Virtual Staging - Before - Living room Virtual Staging - After - Living room

Ready to create some amazing content for your listing?

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