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Event Videography and Photography for The Ride 2023

The Ride 2023 in Vancouver was not just an event; it was a manifestation of human endurance and community spirit. Our team at Threshold Studios had the honor of capturing every moment of this extraordinary event on behalf of the BC Lung Foundation. Over the course of two days, August 12 and 13, our dedicated content creators followed the riders along their challenging 100K per day path, ensuring extensive coverage for this noble cause.

Dedicated Team Behind Every Shot

Our team of five at Threshold Studios was meticulously chosen for their expertise: a drone operator, a videographer, a hybrid photographer/videographer, an editor, and a logo animator. We were there to do more than just capture footage; we were there to tell a story. Because we deeply care about the outcome of our work, we went above and beyond to get the perfect shots. This dedication meant being fully prepared to anticipate and capture every significant moment.

Event videography, especially for an event as dynamic as The Ride 2023, requires more than just technical skill; it demands intuition and foresight. Our team was always ready, anticipating what might happen next, ensuring that no crucial moment was missed. This proactive approach is what sets Threshold Studios apart in the realm of event videography in Vancouver.

This event was more than a test of physical stamina; it was a rally for lung health, raising over $100,000 for vital lung disease programs. Our task was to capture the essence of this unity and determination.

The Art of Event Videography and Photography

Our work for The Ride 2023 exemplifies our commitment to capturing the spirit of the event. From the sweeping drone shots that showcased the majestic landscapes of Vancouver to the intimate moments of camaraderie and challenge captured by our ground team, each element was crucial in painting the complete picture.

The post-production process involved piecing together these diverse elements into a cohesive narrative. The editing was not just about sequence; it was about rhythm and emotion, ensuring the final product was a vivid portrayal of The Ride 2023. Our logo animator added a professional touch, branding the video in alignment with the BC Lung Foundation’s mission.

As we reflect on the success of The Ride 2023, we at Threshold Studios are reminded of the power of visual storytelling. Our commitment to quality, engagement, and impactful storytelling was evident in every frame we shot and every video we produced. This event was more than just a project for us; it was a passion.

If you’re looking for a team that goes the extra mile in event videography and photography in Vancouver, Threshold Studios is your go-to partner. Let us capture your event with the same dedication and excellence that we brought to The Ride 2023.

The Ride 2023 Image Gallery

Syma Shaheen BC Lung Foundation

“If you're looking for kind, professional, dedicated photographers and videographers, you need Threshold Studios! Sam and team worked so hard at the BC Lung Foundation's cycling fundraiser The Ride for Lung Health. Threshold followed the route over 2-days and took such artistic, in-motion shots fo our cyclists, a drone to capture groups of riders from above, and all while staying calm, engaging and kind! There was a point during the ride where I saw them waiting for cyclists to ride up a steep hill, and they were cheering them on while taking photos that showed the pure joy of the participants faces! They created a heartwarming video and we will have them back at other events!”

Syma S.Marketing Manager at BC Lung Foundation

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