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Why real estate agents should have a real estate photography checklist?


As a realtor in Metro Vancouver, you understand the importance of high-quality photographs in attracting potential buyers to your property listings.

With the majority of homebuyers starting their search online, eye-catching photos can make all the difference in securing a sale. That’s why having a checklist for a successful real estate photo shoot is crucial.

In this blog post, we will provide you with the essential items that should be on your realtor’s checklist to ensure stunning photographs that showcase your listings in the best light possible. From preparing the property to selecting the right photographer, we’ve got you covered.

Interior Kitchen Real Estate Photography in West Vancouver

1. Kitchen

To prepare a home for a real estate photo shoot, clear all counters of clutter and store away small appliances. Clean all surfaces, including stove tops, ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, and countertops. Use staging items like plates, cups, small plants or utensils, but avoid distractions. Properly fold kitchen towels and hide trash cans.

2. Living Room

Take down any personal photos from walls that should not be included in the photos. Reduce the number of pillows on couches and chairs, leaving only one or two plain or solid-colored blankets. Clean the surfaces and remove any trash from the area. Make sure all lights are working by checking each fixture and replacing any burned-out light bulbs.

Real Estate Photography in Vancouver
Interior Washroom Real Estate Photography in West Vancouver

3. Bathrooms

Take away any mats or rugs on the bathroom floors. Clean the counters and sinks, getting rid of all products. Clean the bathroom mirror, making sure it is streak-free. Remove any shampoos, soaps, or personal items from the shower. Ensure that the toilet lid is closed and the toilet is thoroughly cleaned.

4. Bedrooms

Make sure that all beds are neatly made and the blankets are properly folded. Cover the pillows with a pillow cover or place them under the bed blankets. Remove all articles of clothing and any clutter from the floor. Clear any personal belongings from desks, dressers, nightstands, and the bed. If necessary, vacuum the carpet.

Real estate photography HDR after vancouver
Real estate photography in Vancouver - laundry room

5. Laundry Rooms

Remove any hampers and articles of clothing from the room. Store away any detergents. Hide any cleaning supplies, such as mops, brooms, and buckets, from view.

6. Front Yard

Park cars either inside the garage or on the opposite side of the street. Clean the driveway using a pressure washer or hose to get rid of any debris. Hide any trash cans and water hoses. Take down any signs or flags from the exterior of the home. Clean the garage door to remove any dirt.

Real estate photography in Vancouver - front yard
Real Estate Videography in Vancouver

7. Lawns

Mow the lawns the day before the photoshoot. Clean up any leaves and trash from the yard. Remove any weeds from the yard.

8. Backyard

Tidy up and arrange any outdoor furniture. Clean up any dog droppings from the yard. Remove cobwebs from furniture and patios. On the day of the shoot, avoid turning on any sprinklers.

Real estate photography in Vancouver - backyard

9. Pool Cleanup

Skim and brush the pool on the morning of the shoot. Store the pool vacuum cleaner and hoses out of view.

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