Key competencies 

Key competencies 

Key competencies 

Key competencies 

Key competencies 

1+ year of work experience in Higher Education Marketing

During my studies at Sauder as a marketing co-op student, I had the chance to be a part of UBC’s recruitment marketing team to attract top international and domestic students to the university.


Proficiency in digital content creation

Since 2018, I have been creating digital content such as photos, videos, podcasts, and written content to support different marketing teams that I have joined. Having the ability to communicate clearly and effectively using such media is crucial for any successful marketing specialist.


Implementation of digital marketing & communications activities

Planning, managing, and implementing marketing initiatives such as email marketing and paid ads are the exact type of activities that I’m prepared to complete as a marketing specialist at Sauder.


Ability to work well in a team-driven environment

Being empathetic allows me to collaborate effectively with other stakeholders.



Kind Words

Sam was a content creator on my team. I was impressed by his creativity and initiative. He produced great work for our UBC social channels and helped to grow reach and engagement. I appreciated his data-driven decision-making and he was a pleasure to work with.

Houston WhitePrevious Manager

I was continually impressed by the professional quality and creativity evident in his video projects, and his ability to produce content on very short deadlines. Working within UBC brand standards can also be a challenge, but he did a good job of tailoring our social content to meet our brand positioning, messaging and visual identity.

Jessica AllenPrevious Manager

Sam has been amazing to work with. He possesses incredible skills for audio and video production, but more importantly has been extremely dependable and consistent in delivering high quality work. I would recommend him to any potential employer in a heartbeat.

Pauline LeePrevious Manager