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Ready to gain new patients on autopilot?

It’s not rocket science. We use the power of online advertising and content marketing to introduce your clinic to your target audience. Once the cold leads are generated, we use a CRM solution to nurture those leads and book them for your clinic. Our CRM is used by over 500 thousand businesses around the world.

If your clinic can handle an increase in the number of new patients, then let’s jump on a quick call to see how we can help your clinic grow.

Free Discovery Call

In our initial meeting, a member of our team sits down with you and listens to your business objectives. We will then decide together if the solution that we are offering is a good fit for your operations or not.

Visual and Written Content Creation

Once we have a better understanding of your goals and objectives, the next step is to create a content marketing strategy for your clinic. This will be a collaborative process as we need your input at every step of the way to make sure that you are proud of the final deliverables as much as we are.

Distributing and promoting the content using paid ads

Once we have the content, it is time to post them on social media and create ads around them to get the right people to see the value that you are offering. By including an offer in these ads, we can increase the number of leads that we get for your clinic. An example of an effective offer, could be a $100 discount for the first 100 people that book their appointment within the next 7 days.

Lead Nurturing and Appointment Booking

Now that we have generated some leads using your unique offer, it is time to turn those potential clients into actual patients. We use our CRM platform to nurture these leads and follow up with them regularly to book them on your calendar.

Ready to take the next step?

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